Rally 2020 presented by the Nanji Family Foundation

“We are thrilled to announce the Nanji Family Foundation has “rallied” again to support North York General as the Presenting Sponsor of Rally 2020.  As long standing supporters of health care philanthropy in Canada, we feel a special bond with the Nanji family given the depth and breadth of their decades of contributions.”

— Terry Pursell, President and CEO, North York General Foundation. 

In 1972, Mr. Pyarali G. Nanji, his wife Gulshan and four children came to Canada as refugees, exiled from Uganda.  The Nanjis and other Ugandan Asians were stripped of their citizenship and assets and declared stateless refugees. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made the decision in 1972 to airlift members of the that community out of the country on “mercy flights” and offered them sanctuary in Canada.

The Nanjis arrived in Montreal and then settled in Toronto. Mr. Nanji has spoken openly about his early fears of restarting his life and fending for his young family. The Nanjis found success after years of work co-building the manufacturing company Belle-Pak, which produces polyethylene and print products.

Mr. Nanji says that he was determined to do well in Canada so that he could give back generously to the country that welcomed him and his family with open arms. He makes a point to give his equal support to Canadian causes and international causes and has said that his philanthropy is driven by the idea of setting a positive example for other Canadian immigrants.

North York General is proud to count the Nanji family among its most generous donors, with gifts spanning 20 years across multiple departments in the hospital.

And now the Nanji Family Foundation has “rallied” again to be the Presenting Sponsor of Rally 2020 for North York General to encourage all the #NorthYorkGeneralStrong community to celebrate and fundraise on behalf of the hospital that means so much to all of us.