Sina Jatow

Registered Nurse

Meet Sina Jatow

Registered Nurse

Making a difference

Sina Jatow has dedicated most of her career to North York General Hospital (NYGH) as a registered nurse in the Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency (ED).  For 15 years, Sina has been proud to work alongside amazing people, and loves the team work culture in the ED.  The fact that she is able to make a difference every day in the lives of people across our communities inspires her and motivates her to help new hires develop their skills.

Even though night shifts can be challenging, Sina enjoys being in charge of the ED overnight and she takes great pleasure in making sure the department runs smoothly and her staff have all the support they need.

A supportive culture

Throughout her career at NYGH, Sina recognizes that her managers and leaders in the ED have been her greatest supporters.  She is extremely grateful in particular to her past managers, from Hellen Richard to Andrea Ennis, and now her current supervisor Karen Allentoff, for their years of mentorship and support as Sina has grown in her role.

A higher cause

Sina is a recent winner of the Staff Lottery. She joined the lottery not because of money or a chance to win, but because of a desire to want to give back to NYGH and her community. In particular, Sina hopes her support will help in project development and teaching for the next generation. Congratulations Sina!