Meet Stephanie Van Hanegem, Registered Practical Nurse, North York General

“Proud to be part of a caring team at NYGH”

At North York General Hospital (NYGH), Stephanie Van Hanegem considers herself a bridge for her patients. As an RPN on the postpartum unit, she’s responsible for helping parents with the transition from birth to postpartum, easing into life with their newborn. Stephanie carries out assessments and care of mothers and newborns during their stay until they’re discharged.

NYGH is a hospital with a reputation for kindness.

Stephanie has worked at NYGH since October 2016. Since becoming a nurse, she always knew she wanted to end up in pre/post-natal care. NYGH’s solid reputation for high-level care and service to a diverse community is what made the hospital her first choice.

Over the years, Stephanie has made so many memories caring for her patients. She recalls her first shift after orientation. She was thrilled with the opportunity and was warmly welcomed by her colleagues. Stephanie appreciates the NYGH culture and the high standard of care as well as how the hospital encourages the growth and educational advancement of its employees.

The pandemic taught Stephanie to be more grateful.

Like everyone else, Stephanie was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now she’s more thankful than ever for her health and employment, and tries not to take as much for granted. She aims to be intentional and positive at work, since many of her colleagues have experienced burnout. She likes to bring light and encouragement to her colleagues and patients each day.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys being active and getting out in nature. She loves working out, hiking, snowboarding and surfing, as well as exploring new places, travelling and cooking.

Giving back to the hospital that’s given her so much.

Stephanie takes part in the NYGH lottery to give back to the hospital that has supported her. As a recent winner, she plans on putting her lottery winnings toward her schooling for her RPN-BScN bridging program and into a savings account for the baby she and her husband are expecting in September.