Ted and Cathy with their children (left to right) Owen, Meyer and Hannah

Ted and Cathy with their children (left to right) Owen, Meyer and Hannah

Ted’s Story – Teaching the importance of giving to the next generation

“The actions we take as parents have a lasting impact on our children. It’s our hope that our gift to the hospital that means so much to us will inspire our children and teach them the supreme value of giving back.”

– Ted, grateful donor

Our continuous connection to North York General spans generations. It’s where I was born – and growing up in the neighbourhood, my family always considered it our home hospital. Seventeen years ago, our connection to North York General became even more important with the birth of our daughter Hannah.

We received excellent care during Cathy’s pregnancy and then into labour and delivery. I say “we” because the doctors, nurses and staff put patients and their families at the centre of care.

In the years that followed, we welcomed our sons Owen and Meyer into the world at North York General too. Suffice it to say, our home hospital holds a very special place in our hearts. We’ve come to rely on North York General to provide our family with a consistently high level of care every time we step through its doors.

Each year, we show our gratitude by renewing our support with a donation. Our contributions have helped improve care in the Maternal Newborn, Paediatric and Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency departments — areas that have a direct impact on our family.

When it came time to plan our estate, we decided to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation through a planned gift to North York General in our will.

Working in wealth management by trade, I come across many people who decide to leave a planned gift to a cause that’s meaningful to them. They each have their own reason, but here’s why we decided to do it …

Cathy and I both feel that every individual, according to their means, has a responsibility to give back to their community. It’s an act that connects individuals to one another and to the communities they call home.

We decided to make our planned gift earlier than most. Many people put off estate planning and planned giving for far too long — leaving it toward “the end.” But we wanted to ensure that our legacy gift was set in place and that it would help teach our children a valuable lesson in giving back. It’s our hope that they will be inspired and continue our family tradition of giving.

Our planned gift is also a practical lesson. We want our children to stand on their own and be responsible for their own financial futures, without relying on a significant inheritance. As parents, we provide our children with the tools they need to succeed. But we also want to instil in them a sense of self sufficiency.

Finally, it’s also our hope that our legacy gift and this story will inspire others to consider a legacy gift as well. Many of us have a meaningful relationship with North York General and the doctors, nurses and staff that consistently provide our community with exceptional care. We ask that you reflect on your experience and consider paying it forward to the next generation with a legacy gift to North York General as well.

With gratitude,