The Maddie Project in Support of North York General

The Maddie Project

“The brightest of stars are those who shine for the benefit of others.”

Sometimes a tragedy can be a catalyst for change. No one knows this better than Nicole German, who pushed through her grief to create The Maddie Project – a grassroots movement that has opened a new dialogue about youth mental health.

Established in April 2015, in memory of Madeline Grace German Coulter, The Maddie Project was founded with a mission that no other youth or their family should suffer through depression or mental health concerns without help. The Maddie Project is sparking conversations, raising awareness and transforming access to mental health care for youth and their families.

Over the last eight years, The Maddie Project has supported North York General Hospital in recognition of the care that Maddie received. As the largest community supporter, The Maddie Project has raised over $2 million in support of child and adolescent mental health programs, to fulfill Maddie’s dream of improving the mental health care environments  at NYGH.Together with the Foundation, The Maddie Project first raised over $1M to create Maddie’s Healing Garden – a 1.2 acre therapeutic garden that will honour Maddie’s memory and play a meaningful role in mental health treatment at Phillips House.

Support did not end when that fundraising goal was achieved. The Maddie Project has gone up to help fund critical upgrades to:

  • The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit, which cares for over 300 patients annually and has had an 18% increase in admissions since 2020.
  • The Charlotte & Lewis Steinberg Emergency which sees approximately 1,000 children and young adults seeking urgent mental health support every year.
  • The Steinberg Family Paediatric Centre, which provides inpatient treatment for young patients with severe eating disorders.

Today, The Maddie Project and its dedicated supporters continue to raise funds for NYGH.

From pop-up shops to dance and fashion shows to corporate charity events, our community has come together to make a statement on the importance of mental health care for children and youth. But there is still so much more to do. With your support, we will fulfill Maddie’s wish beyond her imagination.

The Maddie Project - Nicole's Story - North York General

“I often think if Mads knew just how much she was loved and how many people
she touched in her short life that she might still be here.
Our little 14-year-old is making a huge impact on our community and I am so very proud.”