The Michael Family - Supporting Care for Newborns at NYGH

The Michael Family – Supporting Newborn Care at NYGH

North York General was pleased to welcome the Michael Family in June to share a behind the scenes look at the Michael Family Maternal Newborn and Neonatal Care Clinic.  With growing numbers of babies and mothers using our services, this busy clinic was renovated to house both newborn and neonatal care in more modern, patient and family friendly space.  The clinics were named for the Michael family whose philanthropy made this renovation possible.

The  Michael Family Maternal Newborn and Neonatal Care Clinic sees over 7,000 patients each year and supports mothers with infants born within our regular Maternal Newborn Program, or those babies who received care in the Tippet Foundation Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – approximately 500 per year.

Mothers have the benefit of receiving care in the same place they gave birth with access to a postpartum nurses and lactation experts, a neonatologist for follow-up assessments for NICU babies, an occupational therapist, and more.

Pictured with members of the Michael Family is Dr. Nicholas Pairaudeau who delivered all four of the Michael family children.  His incredible care was the inspiration for the family to support neonatal care at North York General.

Thanks to compassionate donors like the Michael Family, we are able to have these resources right here our own backyard.