Wanda Zorowski, Medical Imaging Technician, North York General

“Teamwork really does make the dream work at NYGH”

If there’s one thing Wanda Zorowski loves about working at North York General Hospital (NYGH), it’s that her fellow colleagues know how to come together for the greater good. Wanda is a Medical Imaging Technician in the CT Scan department.

Wanda started her NYGH career at the former Branson site in 1983 as an Xray/Angiography Technologist and then Charge Technologist of CT. She was transferred to the Medical Imaging CT Scan department at NYGH in 2014. Every day, Wanda takes diagnostic images of patients’ internal structures using computerized tomography equipment. She ensures that patients are correctly positioned and closely monitored during the scans for accurate diagnoses.

As a teaching hospital, NYGH passes on valuable lessons.

The fact that NYGH is a teaching hospital is a source of pride for Wanda. She knows that passing on real-world knowledge and experience to those eager to work in the health care field is the best way to train future NYGH employees. NYGH has built a strong reputation, and she’s heard from CT technicians at other health care facilities that NYGH is a desirable place to work.

The pandemic: shining through adversity

Her fondest memory at the hospital came through adversity. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wanda was part of a dedicated team that was pulled together to care for patients and protect others from the virus. That team spirit is still alive and well at NYGH.

Giving back to the hospital that’s brought so much to her life is the reason Wanda participates in the Staff Lottery. She recently won in September, but this was just a bonus, she says.

Finding balance through relaxing pastimes

When she’s not working, Wanda can be found fishing with her husband or spoiling her grandson. She plans on using her Staff Lottery winnings to take a trip to Antigua.