NYGH’s Cardiac Care Clinic is a lifeline for patients and families managing chronic heart disease. The clinic offers services to help patients avoid emergency department visits, reduce hospital admissions, and allow patients to manage their systems at home where they’re comfortable. The care our cardiac team provides is timely and seamless, but we desperately need to upgrade the clinical space to match the level of care.

“North York is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. By 2024, our community will grow to more than 600,000 people – including 57 percent more seniors. Since heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions for adults 65 and older, we must invest in clinical spaces now so we can care for them when it matters the most.”

Our existing clinic space is too small, and increasing volumes are making it crowded. Patients and staff members are forced to squeeze by each other, causing mobility challenges for patients who require walkers or wheelchairs.

Many of our patients come with family members and caregivers who are active partners in their loved one’s care. But the tight space and lack of privacy makes it difficult to have private, and often sensitive, conversations.

With your help, we will redevelop the Cardiac Care Clinic with additional (and more private) treatment areas to better accommodate current and future patient volumes. It will be designed with the needs of our senior patients, and will host a designated family meeting rooms. We will also merge our Supportive Cardiology Program – NYGH’s new model of care to help patients better manage the palliative needs of end-stage heart disease.

Your investment in this $2.2M campaign will give us a more patient-centred space to support cardiac patients in our community.