To sustain and improve our health care system, we must develop and adopt best practices that can improve patient outcomes, eliminate waste, and organize health care around the patient. That is why NYGH established a vibrant research and innovation program and made practice-based research a key pillar of our strategic plan. Fully donor funded, we need your help to create positive changes to the way we deliver health care.

“Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated donors who have invested $14M in research and innovation, NYGH is emerging as a leader in the field of practice based research.”

More than 80% of Canada’s hospital care is provided by community hospitals like NYGH, yet most practice based research is conducted in tertiary care settings and Universities. That is what makes NYGH stand out. As a large academic community hospital, we have the population, patient volumes, network and academic reputation to be able to transform the delivery of care for our community, with learnings that can extrapolate to the greater system.

Over the last year, our research and innovation program (lead primarily by our research chairs), has made incredible progress, not only conducting research that has led to national and international publication, but also in attracting millions of extra-mural funding and recruiting the best and brightest to join our team. But we’ve just begun to crack the potential of practice based research at NYGH, and it’s potential to make incredible gains in the fields of patient-centred care and knowledge translation.
You investment in research and innovation at NYGH will help us produce actionable, useful, maintainable, and most importantly, impactful changes to the delivery of care for patients and their families.