Choir Nation

North York General Foundation has partnered with Choir Nation and their Harmonies for Health program, which provides companies with a great employee engagement opportunity. Your company will put together employees that love/want to sing – and Choir Nation will send a professional coach to your office to rehearse one a week for 90 mins (for 4 weeks) and the end result is a sing-a-long concert in the NYGH Torokvei Atrium. 15-30 employees is recommended, but we can pair you with another company if you are unable to fill all the spaces.

This is a real “feel-good” opportunity for your employees, our patients and the hospital staff. No prior experience (or talent!) is necessary.

The cost is $3,000 ($2,000 for Choir Nation to pay for the coaching and a donation to their Children’s Music Foundation and a $1,000 donation to NYGH which we could designate to the Bed Campaign or any other area of your choice) – NYGH Foundation will coordinate a public “big cheque” presentation after the concert, which will be featured on NYGH Foundation social media channels and in local media.  There is an opportunity to have a well-known Canadian musician join for the final performance, for an additional fee. Details are on the link below.

Click here to inquire about organizing a Choir Nation event.