North York General Foundation has established social media presences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and is committed to expanding into other relevant channels as they emerge. All content posted by the Foundation via our social media accounts has been generated and approved by Foundation staff. Our accounts are monitored daily and any posts, responses or comments made on behalf of our accounts are posted exclusively by Foundation staff and do not necessarily represent the views of North York General Hospital. Please note that the Foundation and the Hospital are separate organizations that share a common goal: improving the patient experience. Funds raised through the Foundation help to enhance the Hospital’s programs and services in order to deliver the best care possible.

The Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors, staff and the patients of North York General Hospital. At no time will the Foundation post personal health, employment or financial information, contact information, or any information about family members. With the consent of the individual or family, the Foundation publishes selected stories and profiles which include personal information about some of our donors, staff or patients. In every case, the Foundation first contacts the individual or family and obtained consent to publish their story online.

You are responsible for protecting your privacy and the privacy of others when using and participating in our social media presence. If you choose to post a comment on our Facebook or YouTube page, or to retweet or respond to our content on Twitter, the Foundation asks that you do not include personal information such as company/employer names, phone numbers or email addresses in the body of your comment or post. Posts that identify Foundation donors or staff, or Hospital patients or staff, may be removed. Foundation and Hospital employees who choose to comment or post on social media accounts are bound by confidentiality agreements and by the terms of their employment to protect patient privacy.

The Foundation’s social media pages are publicly accessible. Your comments may be publicly visible, depending on your privacy settings as a user. Your privacy and the retention of information on social media sites is also governed by the terms and conditions set out by the privacy policies governing Facebook and YouTube. The Foundation may choose to retweet or publicly respond to any posts on Twitter that directly mention, reference or address our organization or username.

The Foundation monitors our social media accounts on a daily basis. The views of participants commenting on our Facebook and YouTube pages do not necessarily represent the views of the Foundation or of North York General Hospital. Constructive feedback and comments are welcome as part of the discussion; however, inappropriate, abusive, discriminatory, offensive or unlawful comments are prohibited and will be removed immediately.

The Foundation reserves the right to remove comments, in whole or in part, for any reason, including comments which:

  • Express racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting, or life-threatening messages;
  • Are aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene, or pornographic in tone;
  • Are offensive to an individual or an organization, rude in tone, or otherwise abusive;
  • Are not sent by the author and/or are put forward for advertising purposes;
  • Are unintelligible, or otherwise inconsistent with the purposes of our online presence;
  • Are repetitive or spamming of threads;
  • Reveal confidential or personal information.

Any user acting contrary to these rules may be temporarily or permanently excluded from posting or commenting on our Facebook or YouTube pages.

If you would like to contact the Foundation privately, please send us a private message on Facebook, a direct message (DM) at our Twitter, account (@NYGHFoundation), email us at, or call us at 416-756-6944.

If your comment is regarding your patient experience at North York General, or the experience of a friend or family member, please contact our Patient Experience Office at or at 416-756-6125. Your comments and information will be kept confidential.

We thank you for your cooperation.