NYGH’s most urgent fundraising needs

Countless generations of families have relied on North York General Hospital (NYGH) for care. In fact, over 500,000 patients visit our hospital each year. And, with the North York population being one of the fastest-growing in Canada, that number will only continue to rise. That’s why the need for exceptional care in this community and beyond is greater than ever.

Although the government funds many aspects of our patients’ health care experience, it is community donations that support equipment replacements, technology advancements and other upgrades throughout our hospital.

Critical and day-to-day pieces of equipment are reaching the end of their lifespan and require increased maintenance to keep up with patient volumes. Advancing our technology is also crucial to ensure our patients have the very best options for care.

Your support and generosity means that we can invest in new and replacement equipment, as well as advanced technology, to continue providing world-class care to the community.